Toma Jovanovic, Felegi Tivadora 8, 2100, Novi sad, Srbija (Serbia); phone: (+381) 21 6334 588  (+381) 63/565 215


Born in Valjevo in 1929.

After he has completed his education successfully he started his acting career in the National Theatre in Valjevo, in 1950.From 1954 to 1958 he was a member of the esteem National Theatre in Nis, from 1958 to 1960 a member of the National Theatre in Mostar and from 1960 to 1991 he accomplished his best moments in the renowned Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad.

Within the period of 50 years of his work, apart from the noted work in a number of theatres, he also participated in numerous projects on the radio, television and film.He played in several serials filmed by the Television Belgrade:”Otpisani” (“The Written Offs”), “Samci” (“Solitary Persons”), “Levaci”(“The Left-handers”), “Kamiondzije” (”The Truck Drivers”), ”Vruc vetar” (”The Hot Wind”), ”Seobe” (”The Migrations”) etc.

He also played in the following films: ”Druga strana medalje” (”Another Side of the Medal”) – a film made by Bosna film from Sarajevo, ”Kozaci” (”The Cossacks”) – co-production of ”Avala film” from Belgrade, ”Život je lep” (”The life is beautiful”) ‘- made by ”Neoplanta film” from Novi Sad etc.

He participated in a number of literary poetry and music manifestations all around the country.

For the celebration of Vuk Karadzic’s jubilee in 1987 he wrote and performed a mono-comedy ”Izvukivanje vuka” produced by the Radio Novi Sad.

For the great celebration of ”600 Years of Kosovo Battle” he made a selection of poems of the epic people’s poetry and shaped them in a form of poetic-musical recital titled ”O Kosovu i posle Kosova” (”On Kosova even After Kosovo”).The recital has been performed in all Serbian countries for more than 80 times.

He wrote and performed the farce-stage play ”Cica i Stari” the opening night of which was in Valjevo on May 4 th , 1992.

He recorded a CD and audio tape titled ”Nebeska liturgija” (”Heavenly Liturgy”) of the bishop Nikolay Velimirovic that evoked a great interest of the audience that loves and appreciates spiritual values of the people they belong to.

The publishing house ”Prometej” (”Prometheus”) published his novel ”Adam”, the circulation of which (1000 copies) was literally sold out after several promotions in cities throughout Serbia and Montenegro and on TV and praising reviews and critiques.The same publishing house is preparing the second edition, which is going to be published soon.

The novel speaks trustworthy about authentic testimonies of the past, but not forgotten times of the World War II. Saving from oblivion the tragedy of the suffering of patriots and freedom lovers the book brings onto the daylight the fate of a peasant Adam, who lost four sons in the turbulent war times and was sentenced to prison.After surviving twelve years he gets released, with the darkened mind, to wander along the high Serbian mountains where each race of him is lost.This topic, which is interesting from the aspect of dramaturgy, aroused the interest of certain film and television companies who would like to put it on the screen.

The author recorded the audio tape and CD with selected poems of great men of Serbian poetic word – Jovan Ducic, Milan Rakic, Milos Crnjanski, Aleksa Santic, Milutin Bojic, Vladislav Petkovic Dis and others, which have been enriched by the selected evergreen melodies. This project titled ”Biseri srpskog ljubavnog pesnistva” (”The Pearls of the Serbian Love Poetry”) was promoted in the media on November 14 th, 2002 by Radio Television Novi Sad as recognition to the author for his decades long work and participation in radio and television programmes.

This project has arose the attention of those generations that acquired the affection and love for romantic poetic during their grammar school days so that the first circulation is being well sold in the eminent book shops in Novi Sad ”Most” (”The Bridge”), which is the book shop of the publishing company ”Prometej” and ”Matica srpska”.

author’s address:
Toma Jovanovic
Felegi Tivadora 8, 21000, Novi Sad, Srbija (Serbia)
telephones: (+381) 21 6334 588; (+381) 63 565 215